The shirt remain one of the centerpieces of the men's cloakroom, for each circumstance, the choice is therefore between materials, colors and patterns (or not). The << CHEMISERIE FRANÇAISE>> style office is inspired each season by the current trends and mix them with the timeless codes of the shirt for men . The confection is always made in our workshop in Tunisia  CHF , guarantee of quality identical to tailor-made, become, over time, the true tag of the company.




You have a project or wish to make your products under your tag, wa are here ready to make for you shirts and/or blouses with your label, flying label. 


Double collection of shirts high-range twists. This shirt is made with the greatest care in the choice of tissues, Respecting at the same time the traditional set of the shirt.

 The order is made from 35 colored shirts embroidered with your tag.                                                                                 THE TISSUE is with long cotton fibers twisted on themselves, in warp and weft. This tissue enables to make shirts pleasant to wear, to maintain and resistant over time. Opt for tissues of high range quality.







Creator and designer of women's shirts; classic, modern an trendy , lush an sporty. We pay particular attention to the creation of women's blouses, buttonhole stitching....